Friday, 19 February 2010

the sweetest words ever : don't cry sofia.:)

hey hey you you whats up?
im pretty good today but before this
i was bad mood and cried in the morning not because of anyone of us but the special one

i cried not because of he scolded me
it was because i felt sorry for him
and im really sorry i didnt mean what i said :'(

after i were gone for dinner
he bought an iPod touch for me
and i did something to hurt him
well i really didnt mean it
he felt sorry for overreacting to me
so we just kept sorry-ing for at least 30 mins

but after this, i feel better and he too i think
but i dont know why how come facebook mobile doesnt let us send msgs anymore thats so sucks
yeah so thats all for today
i still feel sorry for what ive done and i hurt him maybe

but only after this happened
i relaized he was so cared about me i was so happy hahaha
but when he told me like " im not sharing you"
i was really hurt i was like "awwwww" lol

and dont you hate it when somebody calls your bf/gf like darling baby honey
what the heck he's mine not yours
hahaha im only kidding im not saying you XD

CNY holidays is gonna end :(
time passes so fast but I LOVE IT!
1. miss u guys
2. i can back to the nomal life [ i can take my meals on time ]

see you guys

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