Wednesday, 17 February 2010

i only slept 3 hours from 6am to 9am
then i got up went out with parents
well went to really many places
and many places were the first time i went no joke

went to inanam for breakfast
then was on a very long ride
went to tampuruli spanggar there
then went inside the sampa just to see the school inside there

*kids there have no clean white shirts to wear to school, how lucky we have clean ones*

after that, went to PLKN camp there
wasai it was so sucker than i known
no natural water there
and the lorry is used as a water tank to bring water from the city to there
see how dirty the water is
and the food also
and also many insects
luckily i dont have to participate XD

then, went to the crocodile farm there
mmmm adventurous
there have nearly 1000 crocodiles there
and also some places there very smelly
because of their sh-

and also went to the new IS buiding
so modern
and yeah i really forgot where i have gone today

so night im tired and a bit emo for no reason
muahahaha XD ==

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