Sunday, 14 March 2010

uh huh my font

hey hey
first, welcome back my cpu
second, i miss you guys!!
third, was planning go to school to paint. but my parents not allow due to my sensitive skin.

so whats your plan this coming holidays?
im gonna have my second driving lesson tomorrow yay
yesterday i had the first one.
fortunately it wasnt as terrible as i thought haha.

and also..
have you ever heard "the more you love, the more you get hurted"?
well i have been hearing this so many times
someone just to advise me dont fall in love too deep
well... am i falling too deep?

so well now im learning to protect myself.
dont fall in love too deep.
haha dont even know what im writing this haha.

well i got to go now
love you friends :)

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