Friday, 12 February 2010


i got a new watch baby!! thanks dad mom everyone :D

well today im pretty tired.
i followed my dad went to the Rumah Bakti Harapan at Inanam there
this is actually a chang zhang yuan
we visited them and gave them some foods like that

*dad is pretty good mood today 0.0*

then we went to wisma to buy my bro's shoes
first, i saw pei ming and her friend gai gai
then i saw mimi hkl and ah b
oh my goodness they all got new hair styles wowww!! XD

i also saw tan jia yi and her cousin gai gai
and also chung ying selling 'kering daging'
haiz, lulu is in KL, felicia is Taiwan, chung ying is leaving for HK this sunday
Sam already in Kudat, pang pang already in Sandakan

see all gone.
but as long as im staying here XD

we went to dinner around 8pm
the foods arrived at 9pm
we finished around 10pm
i was so sleepy that i even slept in the restaurant

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