Thursday, 11 February 2010

today's special

well, im bored at class
me, pang pang, sam and others were just keep talking something 18x
haha very fei lerr ==

and and, the new and simplified facebook's home page
hmmm not really know how to use it
i was like "umm where the account setting already a?"

recently, i have been providing homeworks for them
like the maths and the accouting homeworks
i even wrote 'copyright reserved' on my original papers
haha well funny i guess

i was a bit bad mood just now
because i slept around 6pm and then i had set the alarm at 7pm
i dont know who silent the alarm so i didnt wake up
then my dad woke me up at 9pm for dinner
and he always scolds me because of this!!
thank God i didnt get that gastric!
you just dont understand how much i scare and hate that gastric!!!!

well i got to go now and i love you :)
night night

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