Saturday, 13 February 2010

the body shop day

i got back from wisma again
saw ah b with her mom.

finally i found a new pencil case after shopping the whole building [almost]
and i also wanted to buy a perfume o~

i was planning to buy after cny
use my ang pao $$$
but my mom said she could buy for me like credit sales
im gonna give her back the money

well i bought this :D
this is the new perfume..

it's rm85. with promotion 20% discount it costs rm 68.
so im gonna pay my mom back rm 68.

this is the whole set. if you buy the lotion and shower gel you'll get 50% discount.

since my skins are allergy i better dont buy.

this is the whole set. i wish i could buy all of them

if you are new member of the body shop then you can get a free make up within 1 month

so who wants to go just tell me.

i dont know if i go then probably will be like funny

because i dont really like make up stuff haha

so i got to go now see you tonight

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