Saturday, 30 January 2010

PE lesson or PIANO lesson? XD

man whats wrong with my dear modem?
line not so good recently.
so thats why i must update blog as quickly as possible.

we had PE lessons today
and teacher gave us do our own things.
because of this. i was forced to play the piano at the hall.
man, just unbelieveable.
i mean it been a long time i havent played the song
why just now i could play
i know it was bit suck but i was trying my best :D

and yea, i dont know who said im grade 8
im not grade 8 bah. i got the diploma already! XD [you know im just kidding]
but i wish i can get the diploma.
it doesnt mean i must be a piano teacher in the future.
i just wanna get it for fun, shuang! XD

just now had my dinner around 8.30pm
because waited my mom dad this and that so..
i was sleeping then suddenly my dad shouted me,"dont want eat your dinner a?"
then i shocked, of course bit not so syok.
so bit moody, sorry!

yea well i gtg now dont miss me :p

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