Friday, 29 January 2010

friday night

im here again
have you missed me? well i guess you have :p

yeah just the same, been so busy with house stuff
just now i was hearing and watching them discussing about the dancing part
lol everyone was so high
funny things laugh, not funny also laugh [like me]
well it is good isnt? XD

well thx God because i was fell asleep around 6pm
and when my mom tried to wake me up
i could get up!! lol
you know after the gastric happened
i am scared until now.
no matter how tired, i'll still go to eat first
and then sleep [pig!]

yea, my throat is still bit painful here
im trying my best to drink as much as water i can
yesterday was funny
i drank too many water till i felt i was so full ==

well, i got to go now
even im not sleepy
but im sure when i get up tomorrow morning
i'll be like awww nooo, my bed doesnt want me to leave :p

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