Tuesday, 26 January 2010

dedicated to BH :)

just got back from dinner.
well, im so full, everytime when i want to eat the pan mian
before i eat, i get full ==
just now also.

oh well, we all has shared something on today english lesson
because our english teacher wanted us to
so, um yeah.
after the sharing,
im more understand my classmates :)

yea we can blue house.
i feel we're getting improved
so keep going. sports days is coming and will be finished soon :D
so everyone can get back to normal.

yea, this is what i want to say.
and, i really want to participate dancing and marching
it's last year man
but i cant due to my skin problem
so sorry BH

i feel good after telling you guys this just now.
thank you my mates and teacher for giving me the chance :)

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