Saturday, 23 January 2010

its the last time!

hey guys. im pretty tired. my muslces are painful though.
if this time was not my last time, i wouldnt go either!
yeah, and we got no.5 in the cross country competition.
um not bac la, because we only have 1 junior one class.

actually, this is a nevermind to me.
because its only a competition
and of course we have no. 1 and the last one.

and i think the most important thing is not the position in a competition
but the co-operation.
im not saying the position is not important, it is less important comparing with the co-operation :)

and yeah, keep moving on all house
especially blue house :D

we had a lot of fun when cross country.
mimi and hkl always in front of me :p
come on admit it you guys have s short feet! :p

and yeah, time to rest now.
see ya :)

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