Thursday, 21 January 2010

can you see what i see? :p

hi guys. im pretty good today for no reason. see how emo i am XD well its not a bad thing..

um actually i dont know what to say. also the same...everyday is the same... we keep doing the same thingso busy with our own house stuff. but i seem like im not? haha well, i dont have marching and dancing becauseof some reason.

well, im also trying my best to help my house. i've learnt a lot. really. the first time to bring house. also the last timeto bring house. so we got a short time to be co-operative person.

i've also learnt how to be patient. well you know im not really a patient person. we all been studying together not more thanhalf year, for even 1 month. because of this, i've learnt a lot. learnt how to control my mood. sometimes my physical body is tiredbut i cant show to everyone that im tired especially my parents. well im tired because of ive got many things to i said, i not only have to manage my stuff but also my brother's stuff.

sometimes i have a bad temper [im emo person].but one thing, i have repeated so many times that: when im serious about something, dont joke with me!!! as the words say, everyone has their own style..your understanding will always be appreciated :)

i know you mayb guessing and thinking, "why she is saying this? whats wrong?" well, i have always wanted to say this, but it seems like bit wierd when i suddenly say this right? so, its the right time to say out here. yeah :)

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