Wednesday, 20 January 2010

happy mood

cross country practice. so tired.
muscle also tired and painful.

actually i was not gonna online
but i wanted to check my mail
yes everyday i do checki my mail!!!

because of this, i have to online everyday
and one of the mail i must check and see
so i wanna get some mobile that got Wi-Fi
so that i'll be able to ONLINE without using pc
this is 21 century

fortunately, the person that i wanted to talk to was on the line
so we talked quite a lot like 3 hours
because i missed talking to that person
yeah so, the person has just left without telling me
so when the person gets online back, muahahha XD

well, the person is a secret. you'll never know who is the person
just secret!! XD
and sleep tight baby :)

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