Tuesday, 19 January 2010

pointless dont see or u'll regret!

hey hey you you i dont like your girlfriend! XD
i was gonna update blog last night
but haiz people too missed me
when i online then just kept chatting till i forgot update XD

um well, nothing special recently
im just very very tired
cuz of _____ [shhh! it's a secret baby!]

so, back to the point
im gonna go to IS after UEC
actually, i want to study some course, i have found the information
but then, suddenly told me that i have to go to IS
i was a bit shocked

if i really go to IS,
then should i take the IELTS test this year?
if i really go to IS to study A-Level or another diploma
then where should i continue my uni life?
my dad just chout me
kept saying "if you dont learn how to cook how to wash clothes a, then you want burger everyday or you want bring your mom to there?" [good idea! ... ==]
haiz, i no rasa already

well, im sorry i keep saying this topic recently
well it is really messed me up!
i keep thinking this question
because i dont want to study IS
but it is better to go to IS IF i want to overseas
if i overseas, then i'll live alone then :(

ok well, i think this is the problem that cant be sloved in 2 3 days
but i'll wait.
wait till its over.
because i know it'll over.
its just a matter of time.

good day :)

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