Sunday, 31 January 2010

happy birthday boy! XD

keep moving people!
well, im bored, super boring sunday night.
you guys are tired of those marching and dancing.
im tired of my parents.

well, i was bad mood because ish!
I just hate it when you SHOUT my name while im sleeping.
cant you wake me up in a betterw ay??!!
since my brother has been studying here,
my mom is like everything about him needs me to manage!
man, can i handle this?

because of the house stuff, every breaks is so busy.
especially lollipop!
she's marching leader, everytime she's so busy, even in the class
so we're less talking these few days.

recently, im hanging out with some really crazy friends.
well they look like they have no fun to be with
but when you discover them
you'll see the sides of them you didnt know like wild sexy even more crazier than me XD

ohh yea, today is ____________ : ---


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