Saturday, 9 January 2010

Love is in the air~

hey im here again
just came back gtom the wedding dinner
what i can say is, LOVE is in the air~ XD

you know from the beginning till the end
they got people sang all LOVE songs
mostly old style one
only one new style that i knew is, Hatin' In the Club-Rihanna
only this i knew man!
actually i was a bit bored.

then, the bridge and groom's both parents sang the song named 'The Wedding' to thier son and daughter
andthen the bridge and groom started walking slowly from the back to the front
that was the most romantic moment!

and the bridge and groom sang the chinese love song
umm, wang li hong and S.H.E sang
yeaa that song
two of them were just so nejoyed singing the love song
and me blur blur

and i've thought about something too XP
well you should know what ive thought
yeah, the main character was not me lol.

people always ask my photos of me and him
sorry man i cant post here or on facebook
just because i dont want people feel like im showing off to them even im not
but who knows

if you wanna know
then just see who's my future husband is.
nobody knows only God knows.

and and... one thing,
got to bed soon
very tired man
night :)

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