Monday, 11 January 2010

gastric ache, hope it is going away

hey hey!
i was going to update blog yesterday
but haiz...

yesterday was too tired so i slept around 6.30pm
and then i thought i would wake up at 8pm
who knew, when i got up it was likw 10.35pm

no one woke me up man T.T
i woke up not because of i hungry or what
it was because gastric ache

ya i know, it was like i wanted to bring some problem to myself
but i really really very tired
tired till i would rather went to bed instead of taking my dinner

so when i went to bed from 11pm till the morning 5am
i can tell you that i didnt really have a good enough sleep
even i was asleep but my stomach very painful
pain till i couldnt sleep
honestly i even cried T.T
you know its just sooo painful
i vomited, this and that blablabla

what i can say is, it was scary!! T.T

i was planning not going to school today
but i wanted to go
so yeah i did XD

but thx God that i didnt vomit or want go to toilet or what :D
hoping tomorrow i'll be getting better
i promise myself i'll take my breakfast, lunch, dinner ON time!!!!

so yeah, its time for me to sleep now so see ya bye ;)

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