Tuesday, 12 January 2010

dont know what is this!

oh man im tired!!
and i got gastric ache again ==
hope im getting better

everyone of us is so busy with our house stuff
um well im just busy at school [make pom pom] sometimes
keep moving!!! :D

its just jan
new year hasnt come yet
but i feel like exam is coming soon ==
im not giving you stress
but the truth it is

man im really tired, plus i got many many things to do
the speech, bk, memorize the puisi

and i have just took some quiz to shuang xia:---


50% 在外國旅遊中, 發生浪漫異地戀...
22% 和一大班朋友, 慶祝光棍生活, 玩通宵...
15% 你討厭的人向你表白哦~~ 救命~!!!
9% 情人悉心地為你安排了浪漫的慶祝活動~!
3% 沒什麼特別, 和平常一樣地過~
1%你心儀的人向你表白哦~ 幸福 ^ ^

very very right!
this is how i met him man! XD
not 50 but 100%%% :p

k lah, i shuang enough already
so its time for me to do my homeworks

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