Saturday, 9 January 2010


it's the 1st saturday 2010!
well umm just that
tired + busy

um, i dont know why our class is combined to mimi their class
of course got good and bad sides
the good side is wow its the first time, so many peoples at one classroom XD
bad side is ummmmmm toooo noisy and couldnt even hear what the teacher was teaching
but nevermind, ABC is easy, at least easier than business statistics :)

today we had 2 periods of english lesson
um bit boring
cuz the teacher was like, "Ok class, read one more time from 1 to 10.."
dont you figure out it is like going back to primary school? XD

and when acc lesson
i was almost didnt pay attention
well she just used power point explaining this and that and just gave us 1 excersice to do
acc lesson should do more practices but not just using power point to teach man

haha. i got lots of opinoins man, isnt a good thing, is it? XD

and one thing i MUST complain is my sweet chinese teacher ==
she is sooo fan ><
its only jan man

and i havent write the speech
so gtg nw and have a wedding dinner tonight
hope its not as boring as i think

and maybe i will update blog after i get back home tonight
so see you guys! :)

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