Wednesday, 16 December 2009

hey hey.
i feel tired.
yesterday i slept from 6 till 10pm

got up then online
rather online then having dinner
just lazy bah.

online till like 1am
tired again.
every time i want to turn off my phone
nee must call me or msg me de
dont know why.

so we talked till 1.30am
today's her make up exam day
she said she hadnt study
she said many negative things
at the same time, i was trying to console her
hope she is ok lah.

till 2am like that
finally on my bed XD

because of my dad
was forced to go out
haiz wanted to sleep more also couldnt.

now just came back
and again online now
dont know why
everyday i want to sign in facebook
but after sign in
check inbox
accept friend requests
then nothing to do already

i'm playing photo tagging, haha.
well, i tag clement some photos in London
he happy lol.

so just that.
i'm going to take the law exam..umm..the road one

after 2 days,
gonna study the law again.

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