Tuesday, 22 December 2009

hi!! XD

hey im here again XD
been so long time no update blog cuz been too busy
however, still wanna thx loli mimi them
cuz if no them, i wouldnt have the chance to eat 2 cakes even didnt attend the party! haha.

our church GCC had just organized the children christmas party on 18/12
you know, i never seen so so many kids in my lifetime before this.
lol im not kidding
it was like more than 2000 kids
and also the traffic jam
jam dao, dont know how to say

saw many kids there
they very cute and really innocent
till the end of the drama [one of the kids most loved program]
the person in charged ask the kids, "who are willing to become a friend of Jesus?"
then saw many many kids were raising up their hands
so touched!

*pics are postponed XP*

umm the coming up events are adults christmas party which will be held on
23/12 [7.45pm-9.45pm] chinese service, and..
24/12 [ 10pm-12am] english service
its exciting, really.
plus it is in the new building.. more exciting for sure

so if any invitations from you guys to anywhere
you know that i'll not be able to attend
sorry in advance! ;)

im not gu yi de
but i have to work as helper and arrive early that 2 nights
they need as many helpers as possible [like 300] to serve the people

so if you're coming hopefully,
make sure you arrive there early XD
sweet dreams :)

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