Tuesday, 15 December 2009

last day of SPM!

yay! finally, finished alllll exam

well, geo paper 2 was not as hard as i thought
some i didnt even study
so just tembak
i think it would be okay :)

and the obj part was more harder than essay part, unbelieveable!
i finished around 11.30am
then just looking around here and there
i wanted to go but no one went out
so just kept on waiting

finally, HKL went out
Mimi also went out
then i saw mimi outside there
i think she was trying to make me laugh lol
so she did XD

lol well she was funny
i wanted to laugh
but then the teacher watching me
so i couldnt laugh but i wanted to laugh lol

haha. i wont forget this.
next time if i get a chance
of course i'll do the same thing XD

after the paper 2
already no mood to study
was too happy
so, obj almost tembak
especially the form 4 part
wasai, some words even hadnt seen man!

whatever, all about exam should be forgotten from NOW on!! XD
so enjoy your only 2 weeks holidays
bye bye your tail XD
one thing, i still remember yesterday when i finished my revision was 6.45pm 14/12/09 XD

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