Wednesday, 30 December 2009


I'm pretty good today :D
well, i have to say that,

woke up at 8am today
then went to exam with hungry mood
honestly, i was really afraid of failing the exam
but, thx God not need to pay rm 30 again
i got 47/50 XD
i saw Hajar too, but didnt know how her result

fortunately, the questions were not as hard as i thought
some even could use common sense to answer and not needed to study [maybe]
then, went to many places to buy my brother's clothes this and that till 8pm got back
really tired.

going to bengkel this sat
haiz, rm 300 is flying away [they have wings! too fan le, aww XD]
whatever, i must get the driving license within year 2010!!!!!
i tell you, MUST, not SHOULD, not MAY, not SHALL, not MIGHT, SHOULD man SHOULD!XD
well, i've heard people say people who are only above 21 yrs can learn driving starting from yr 2010
every year also say like that!!

well, got to go now
tired man!
so see you guys tomorrow my blogger fans
haha XD

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