Tuesday, 29 December 2009

something you might not understand.

firstly, MRS. wu shu jin is going to be my senior 3 form teacher
dont know good or bad
you know her style de lah
everything need to be perfect
actually im bit emo now ...
i dont know why

well, i have 1 good news
do you know how many peoples attened the Christmas Celebration on that 2 nights [23& 24/12]?
total : 3814 peoples
Children Christmas Celebration that was held on 18/12
total: 2700 peoples
so, totall is : 6514 peoples.

yay, we success!
cuz our aim was 3000 peoples for 23 and 24 nights
so yeah it exceed, thx God! :)

yeah so, currently
im messing with somebody [a stranger]
just hope he knows what's my mind thinking
mike! focus on your works thats what you need to do, luv ya :)

i've learnt...
know how to lift it up, also have to know how to put it down :)

yeah so, sorry cuz im writing something that you might not understand
but just leave it.
those you cant understand are written for somebody that can understand.

so night :)

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