Thursday, 31 December 2009

its the last chance to update LONG post in year 2009!

hi all.
its the last day of year 2009!
finally, SPM year is going to be over :D

well, 2010 is another challenging year
have lots of exam
and many things need to be rearranged

like the piano exam
my theory grade 5 exam is coming on mac 2010
and havent memorize those italian french german terms!!
i even ask myself, learn those foreign langauges for convenient to get a foreigner be a bf huh!?
then if i pass, so i can probably go for practical grade 7 exam yay
but its hard though cuz
those songs are not easy to play
and its like classic music so
clement likes the most! XD

and yup, the ILETS exam
should be taken by everyone of us so we have no choice
this is also i worry the most because
im going to use this and also the 1119 results to enter the university
if i achive the standard required by the uni,
then i will not go into any english classes before enter that uni.

and of cuz, the driving exam i must take next year!
no matter how rough
how hard
still i want to take!!!
i just dont want to waste time & $$$

and the UEC exam,
i've heard people say commerce class student can drop add maths isnt?
maybe, but i advice you guys dont put lots of hopes on it
then its just a fake then probably you would shoot me with your gun! XD

so, total is 5 big exams!!
yeah so, God bless me.
well got to go now my blogger fans
see you next year XD

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