Monday, 5 October 2009


Sunday. My last time to update blog from tomorrow.
SPM mock coming soon.
Sunday is just my another busy day.
Except coming to church, I need study on Sunday too.
So, I have studied today. Tomorrow we have tests.
Just now no current [always like that]
I studied too.
See, I'm crazy.

Besides that, I'm just human. An extra ordinary human.
But I have to prepare properly.
I do my best, God do the rest.
I'm tryin' to relax myself.
I don't have to force myself, give myself so much pressure.

Except studying, I'll miss him too.
I know I'll not be able to online for 8 days long.
Even online also can't be long, so what for?
Better not online.

Why we are together, I just not cheerish him [maybe he always envy envy envy!]
And when he leaves, I start to miss him.
Why am I always like that.

Now I'm not be able to online again.
I am regret.
Regret for what I've done to him.
I promise no next time.

Year 2010.
I'll be in Senior 3! Yay!
Finally, I have been waiting this year to come.

I'm writing this is very EMO mood.
Almost 1am, I guess my bed is waiting for me.
Good night sweet dreams sleep tight for me.

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