Friday, 16 October 2009

Last day of mock exam!

Today's the LAST Day of SPM...Mock. Yay!
How much I wish today was last day of REAL SPM EXAM.
Well, I should be happy at least this exam is over and I can online and update blog.

Yesterday while I was doing my revision for Geography sub,
My mom suddenly told me, "In fact, I can go to science stream de bah."
Me also suddenly.... I was silent.

Then my mom kept saying like I dont like enough confidence and bla bla bla....
I would rather do my accounts than physics, bio, chemis...

Teacher Alex already told us that Geo is the most hardest sub among all SPM subs.
But me didn't realise that.
Today, I have realised! Really hard. Cuz you'll need to memorise a lot of things.

Yesterday I didn't study the Geo past years,
So just now before the exam started I just started studying.
And the girl from Senior 1... [everytime during the 3rd recess she finds me that one]

She came my classroom and found me.
I was really shocked because I knew she would really disturbed me.
Then, I really got disturbed.

I was running out of time, she still talking to me.
I was like WT* . I was trying my best to control myself.
And she didn't ask my premission to WEAR my jacket. [ I hate that without my permission....]

So I just be patient for what she had done.
While I was doing the past years, she told me, " dont do lah, last minute already.
Actually, i had left 25-30 mins before the exam started.

For her actions, the words she said to me,
I didn't know what to do, so I just smiled at her and kept saying lol lol lol.

So the point I got today is,
This girl is used to train my patient.
Well, even just finished the mock exam, but don't relax yourself.
Remember, the real SPM is waiting us.
Good luck and night everyone xx

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