Wednesday, 19 August 2009

to anyone who wants to end up their lifes

now i know, something that has changed can never go back to the past. and, something, i'm waiting it coming.
oh well, forget it. i just wanna tell you that, commit suicide is the most stupid thing in the world. stupid than dudes 1000 times. do you know why peoples got their mindset like this? like killing thelselves.
they think dieing is the best method at all. this is because inside them are like empty. they feel their lifes are meaningless. dunno what's the future headings. yeah, i can understand.
whatever, please don't do stupid thing, cuz you're not stupid. God gave life to you, you should be cherrish to it.
Learn to LOVE YOUR LIFE friends!
remember: you don't own authority to end up your life, unless you give your life to yourself.

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