Tuesday, 18 August 2009

the day after exams

my goodnessss, today totally another bad day :(((( finally, teacher gave back my accounting exam paper. what the heck, i got 49.5%, plus correction only 54.5% over 100% how come i got this marks?

even only 10 students passed, but this marks really out of my mind was thinking. i was thinking i would get at least 50% above, then i got this..... i was just trying to forget this sadness thing. dont care!!

and yeah, not only acc i failed, i also failed on my BM, i got 38 out of 100% wow! actually, i'm sad.

while BM lesson, we all talking, teacher didnt teaching too. i talked with fern and shien. you know what was our discussion topic? BOYFRIENDS :D

yeah, we were discussing this. like what type of boyfriend you wish you had, what you want him to wear when you both go out together like that. it was so funny haha. and of course, we talked about Michael.

like how did i feel when we kissed, first kiss! oops XD i was a lil bit shy hehe. after our discussion, i felt more better. at least i could forget something apart from my results.

besides, i miss Michael so much. we are like lost connections even one day not talking to him. it's like killing me you know. this is what i wrote last midnight:-

umm..well, my relationship, oh God! save me :( im not ok. if we lived in same country, how great our lifes would be? what i wish right now is, i need make sure my studies doing ok, make sure everything. after 2 years, i'll be leaving for America. maybe Pittisburgh, WOW! i love that. if so, we could get the chance to meet :D and yeah, maybe my parents send me to New Zealand. that's good too because my aunt lives there, and she can take care of me. i always tell myself, if one day he dumps me, what's my respond to him? even he tells me many times, our love is everlasting, but being a girl, i must agree with this statement:- BOYS ALWAYS A LIAR
i'm trying to rescue myself from not being hurted by boys anymore. i know he will never hurt me. if he does, i'll forgive him. i'm just so in love with him. but i will keep a distance away from him, girls like me should know how to protect themselves from getting pissed by guys.almost 2am, time to sleep. sweet dreams :)

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