Sunday, 5 July 2009

where's the point?

Owh man! Connections so sucks here. Im posting this because I am bored. Bored by all those things. I don’t even know what to write but just try to writing down how’s I feel. I feel good, nice, and SWEET! :D

Today penilaian, we all acting like nothing. Ui, spm lo!! Actually me either, yesterday I studied soo hard, from 6pm to 10pm, studied, studied and studied. When I was studying, I listening songs, watching tv, eating haha. Were so interesting XD

I prepared so long time just to show my results on 2 hours and 30 mins papers. HUH! If I had a chance, I would want to DROP BM this sucks subject. My BM really…. Haiz. You know I know la. Last year Ms.Voo teached us Science, my Science was so GOOD. Now, Mr. Poong, everything changes!

My friend told me, “ha? Mr.Poong teaches you Science a? o gui la u…students who teached by him not many can score A de la…” aiyo, poor science teacher. Always says, “do the right time at the right time, separate your desks follow the American style, learn science learn more English….” = =

I wish I could tell him that, M’sia is M’sia and U.S is U.S la ok. You know he likes to talk about SEX, almost. today penilain last period, joanne said, “it’s time for me to have my lunch.” Me really zha dao. She had her lunch with bubur.

Wasai! When she eat, the whole class watched her eat and the smell……. Me very hungry at that time, and also very fan because I didn’t know how to answer those sucks questions. You know that kind of feelings? I was gonna spank something!

Ok la, im getting sleepy should get to bed soon. Good night everyone and MICHAEL I love u :D

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