Wednesday, 1 July 2009

loong post

i have not talking to him since last week, well i miss him and i confess XP. yesterday, i was gonna get to bed about 1am, and i saw loli and michael signed in at the same time lol. so just talked to them for awhile. awhile means ONE HOUR, wow! so i slept at 2am. that's not matter, when i got to bed last night, i couldnt sleep a~ sign thats sucks man. dont know what causes getting me like this.

well, even just 1 hr, but we talked kinda lots. he told me he was super busy, he had to do 3 peoples works so thats why he didnt come home for lunch. i thought he XXXXXX.... then i asked him why he could get back home for lunch, he said he missed me so he brought his works back to home do besides chatting with me even he just could stay about 20 mins.

ohh man. i am touched by what he telling me last night. you know that feeling?? LOVE is amazing thing. even we dont live in the same country, it's about 356489 km from MALAYSIA to AMERICA, but still can feel the love from each other. i consider this is much better than like some couples who fight each other everyday.

baby, i guess i am really falling in love. NO! i am still under-age. and i dont wanna lose my virgin so early lol just kidding. well, if you fall in love, you will much much agree what i'm saying you know? because its truth and truth is truth.

anyway, my first poriority is GOD confirm, andthen parents, special friends :) and lover...... however, you guys know there's no one can replace each of you!! not every friends are a real person in front of you, you'll know whose the real friend and whose the fake one :)

lover also, you are able to know if he is a good bf or not, just see the way he talks to you. i am telling you this my experience ok? lol yup. if you dont know about it, come and find me on crazygirl_1119 at hot male dot com. for more information, please dail 016-8*8*6*3 thanx.

sign, spm coming soon, one month examination, ugh. art students preparing their art project, history students are most poorest, why? cuz they always asked by our chinese teacher answering question. for geography students, always need to pay 100% attention during lesson. its 1/7 1am now! so, HAPPY BIRTHDAY PUMA! :D yeah i am getting sleepy and sleepy, i will be having 2 periods of geo lesson. OH MY BABY! how sucks is it?

owww miss sofia getting tired now, so bye bye la~~ good night ^^

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