Tuesday, 30 June 2009

dont ask anything!

this midnight, getting more and more lonely :( i have been trying sooo hard just to get into sleep. sigh. i dont know whats wrong la man, not school pressure, not parents problem, haiz dont know me la, ugh.

i just saw someone blog, 1st term TOP STUDENT x bf's blog! watching their SWEET pics there, seem havin soo much fun. but why they broke up ler?? haiz so sad. not just this case, but i saw many many cases they are like that. they love each others, because of their parents or some reasons they have to break up! sighh.

like me, why the person i love lives in another country? this love is so hard. more than you know man. and lagi, my parents dont know i have a bf outside, they say: dont marry an european guy lagi, so whats wrong with falling in love with an european guy?? give me a good reason thanx.

actually, i want to give up le T.T {cant imagine i wanna give up}, nt b'cuz of distances, but this year-SPM year! should put all my efforts on my studies, but, i love him so much and he does so, why i have to give up someone who i love so much ler? maybe i cant find again if i give up him.

why those peoples who love their bf/gf cant be together?? WHY???

sigh. i am super emo after writing this = = and pls, jangan peduli saya. terima kasih.

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