Sunday, 5 July 2009

she didnt know the boy she was talking to me was my bf haha.

I chatted with a girl from USA. Well, the girl was so funny and we kept talking about boys like what type of boys do you like and blablabla. She was talking about the boy, and she told me the boy called MICHAEL lol. And Michael told me he knew the girl also. Lol so we know each others.

Michael knows me know the girl, and I know he knows the girl too, but the girl doesn’t know Michael knows me haha. It’s kinda confusing but very funny! The girl told me the boy is good looking, and sexy lol, I really zha dao. And she was trying to get the boy, but michael said, “I already have a gf.” I was like oh my, I am touched man! Haha XD he knows I am his gf haha :D and the girl told me, “he already has a gf, I am very sad, his gf is really lucky and blobloblo.”

When we knew each others about 2 months, she started to act like a fool to me. She asked me to have sex with her. OH MAN! That’s impossible so I blocked her, awe. Michael told me the girl asked him to have sex with him too, but he didn’t do, just don’t feel like it is right thing, so because of that, we both blocked her haha.

But, she still send me offline messages, saying:-

Hi Sofia, how have you been? You know I miss you so much when you’re not here talking to me, today I saw a couple in the club, it was an Asian girl with her European boyfriend drinking beers in the club. When I saw the girl I thought of you and your boyfriend Sofia. I wish I could meet you someday really, can you go to my club and find me?

Then I just replied her saying:-

Hi XXXX, I miss u too. Sorry I couldn’t come to online because my exam coming soon.
Haha. I am so bad, who asks her to act like a pervert to me first huh?

I got to go now, see you gus. Take care and thanx for visiting my blog =)

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