Thursday, 18 June 2009

my results

argh!! my results T.T not so bad but also not so good like nothing == last time my sej got 64 de lo, now 60 :( and CHINESE!!!!! last time i 80 now 65 T.T my maths also not bad, improved from 22 to 36, better than last time la even also FAILED. bm, last time i got 30++ now 50 haha :D T.T

my bm, haiz, last time 30++ now 50. am guk (not chinese). only 10 marks o!!! i only FAILED 3 subjects, lowest is maths haiz. my eko scored 43, u seeeee, last time i got 20++ now 43 :D == since senior 1, i never past my MATHS and BM, even junior also. why? T.T last year i scored 75++ for eko de lo, now the DUT teacher teaches me, i got 43 ONLY :(

very fortunately, i PASSED my science :D but only 60 aweee :( studied so hard, only got 60. SIGH. and my comp 68 o... if my maths got 68, i would be super happy really. i studied so hard but still couldnt pass, it doesnt mean i'm USELESS. i was just didnt study smart. *Mr.POONG said that.

the highest is GEO :DD i never thought my essay scored FULL MARK la. HAHA. well, im not showing off to u == i also never thought that, my geo higher than my bk, but only 2 marks lol.
my commerce got 89 last time, now 72!! why o?? :( tell me why, i didnt study hard enough???

when we take the results? haiz, need to worry again whether i FAIL or PASS :(

almost 2am, bye bye la...

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