Friday, 12 June 2009

to u my bf

To the guy that confesses himself as my bf :

you seem so busy these few days, even back home also need to bing the report to do.

BUT, u knw, even u didnt come home online, i also miss u, i nvr 4get u. im not that kind of girl

that love her bf only whn she is with him!!! U signed in jz nw, i was so happy, hopin' 2 tlk 2 u

more. BUT, d 3rd things u asked me was, "so how's ur french bf?" whn i heard this u know i

was sooo hurt T.T. a real sad. maybe u're too sensative, u knw u're not the 1st time lk this,

BUT, 2 persons together should have confidence inside each other!!!

U told me many times u luv me, n yeah so do i? we mean it. we can share anything lk u said.

i tell u abt d french boy, b'cz i dont want 2 hide anything behide from u, i knw u dont like it.

2 persons together should be honest to others. so i told u abt d french boy, u KNEW he

wasnt my bf but YOU!!! thn jz nw, y u asked me hws my french bf??? SO SAD. Ive bn tellin

u so many times, no matter what happens, u're not gonna lose me. YES REALLY. u knw u n

him are really diff. i rather have u in my life. no matter wht they did (guys), they can nvr

replace u. i try already. I WANT U 2 KNW THT!!! wht i promised u i will make it comes true!!

thxx 2 b my bf, let me knw d feeling of being loved n cared even u're not here with me, bt u

gv me a REAL TRUE LOVE, tht kind of luv is much more REAL thn stanley gave me even he

lives here. u're the boy i love the most, no one can replace u in my heart. I LUV U...

ur gf

oh thxx blogger!!! b'cuz of u letting me wrote down my feeling, i feel much better nw.

blogger: "u're welcome sofia."

lol XD

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