Tuesday, 23 June 2009


today so boring, talking to those peoples, always ask me questions de, lazy answering them, i am BORED. i hate them when they ask me questions below:

1. what you doing?

2. you busy?

3. are you horny?

4. are you bisexual?

5. do u have bf? (if i say yes, they ask what do i do with him == ; if i say no, they'll ask me why i dont have one...)

6. do u have cam or pics?

7. what would u do if i was there with you right now?

8. have u ever kissed a girl? ( i am forced to be kissed kan darling XD)

9. are you virgin?

10. you missed me? ==

so, pls dont ask me those question i listed above. or keep asking the same question. or ask me something that you already know. THANX! :D