Wednesday, 24 June 2009

GIRLS need a BF like him!

this post is for GIRLS:

please be cherrish to those guy that

1. cried in front of you.

2. kisses you with meaning.

3. hugs you when you're sad.

4. calls you make sure you got home safe.

5. told his secrets to you.

6. always hugs you for NO reason at all.

7. prays that you're happy even you're not with him.

8. would give his seat up for you.

9. tried to show how much he cared you through every word and every breath.

10. holds hand with you.

11. tell you you're beautiful no matter what.

12. would sit and wait you for hours just to see you for 10 mins.

13. would give his jacket up for you.

14. would not force you do what you don't want to do.

15. just wants to CUDDLE and LOVE you for NO reason.

Girls need a BF like him! This is what a BF should do, he won't blame it b'cuz he LOVES you.

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