Saturday, 27 June 2009

PTS's day

today slept at 3am and got up around 9.30am...felt like dieing now == i guess everyone also...PTS'S DAY A~~ i arrived there almost 10.30am, uumm....only had 1 parents there lol {ting ting's mama} ....

when my mom talked to that teacher, they were so cooperation. i just sitting there acting like a doll listening them talking blablabla.....uumm, actually i already see the result at friday... cuz i couldnt wait to know...erm, not bad la, only SCI!!!! got 64 T.T last year i got at least 70++ de lo...

and CCA marks also, haiz this one so sad. cuz i got 1 time didnt come to club and 4GOT.............. my marks supposed to be 80, nw only 72. so sad. how could this happened to me le?? sigh.

i dont know how was ur results of u all, if u should be happy cuz at least you didnt fail. if u failed... study harder and harder till you get a GOOD results, show that you CAN. all the best :)

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