Wednesday, 8 April 2009

what a ...

i dont know what i am going to post ..just feel so bored then i update blog lo ...i met 2


today .... one called allan and sherrie ....both from usa too :) and they really nice

friends out of my all online friends except my prince LOL .... at least they are not

talking abt sex thats enough ....

sherrie told me she had a friend which very beautiful who is a prostitute ... i felt so sad

whn she told me this ..i dont know why those girls wanna spoil themselves like that ..

WHY?? well...this job makes her earn $5000 a night ..equal to RM 18500 ...a night

only o 0.0

this is what she wants :( although i dont know this girl but when sherrie told me i

almost fainted!! and i felt so sad why she spoil herself :( this girl just loves $$$$$$ so


her cloths cost more than sherrie earns in a year ... this is the benifit to be a

prostitute .... some of the men she has come in to the club with are actually very

handsome .... she has many bfs but only looking for sex and no love ...thats so poor

so my point is ... girls ... dont be such an asshole doing this kind of job cuz u'll regret

forever ...

ok la..someone asking me to sleep == bb

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