Friday, 10 April 2009

studying ....

i wish i had the perfect like in the U.S .... i wish i could study in the U.S so im able

to meet him .... i havent told my parents that i wanna study in the U.S cuz maybe

my dad is going to send me to Australia or New Zealand .. HIAZ :(

In NZ, sheeps and cows more than peoples ..when i study there, my aunt can take

care me warr .... :( and i am not the type of person that love natural environment

so much so i guess i will be bored as hell when i study there :(

Aust is a good country but i dont feel like i wanna study there cuz U.S better and i

dont have friends or cousins in how?? :( confusing .... if i told my

parents that i wanna study in U.S ..they always have many comments abt this ><

especially my brother.... ><>

study there?? u need to meet ur bf a?? >< ><

he always piss me off == tell me how :( i really cnt tell my parents that i have a bf in

U.S ...if i did...i will lose my mind and IMPOSSIBLE to study there friends

pls...dont tell my brother also that 38 lao ><>

fake smilling :(

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