Friday, 10 April 2009

WIERD stuff

today i went to a WIERD chat ..i didnt know this guy in fact .... see my conversation -----

joseph: hey gf
sofia: hello
joseph: how has my gf been
sofia: not bad just came back n u
joseph: who am i to u if ur my gf
sofia: my bf
joseph: yea
sofia: lol
joseph: yea

....didnt know what to say....

joseph: i ve feel sad today
sofia: why?
joseph: cus i went to my sisters grave to say hello and wish her a happy b'day
sofia: aww thats sad
joseph: thnx babe luv u
sofia: welcome
joseph: luv u
sofia: luv u......?
joseph: luv u more

.....i didnt know what to do ....

joseph:hey babe u have a cell phone
sofia: yeah malaysia no.
joseph: k babe i was gonna ask u for it cus i gotta go to sleep
sofia: oh where u live why so early
joseph: us..cus its like 11 where i live
sofia: oh ok
joseph: ya babe but i m serious bout this ? even though we ve only dated for a little while but
sofia: lol
joseph: i want to be urs for the rest of are lifes cus i luv u so much and i know we ve been dating for a few days but i dont know but i just do
sofia: oh

joseph: so wht do u say babe and i want u to know if u say no we still can be bf and gf
sofia: why do u love me
joseph: cus u have a beautiful smile and ur my gf, i can't think right know but i do
sofia: ok
joseph: so wht do u say babe
sofia: mm maybe
joseph: k babe
sofia: yeah
joseph: goodnight babe
sofia: night

i was like what the hell ><>

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