Sunday, 5 April 2009

love is blind

already two days... i have been discussing with my parents what and

where should i study == ask ask there ... maybe study music?? 0.0 im

not sure yet cuz my mum says this and my dad says others like risk... ==

well i still dunno what should i study .. of cuz i wish i oculd study in the u.s

so i am able to meet him :D and another reason is ... i wanna be with him

XP ... so i should study there :) but i dont think how could it be ... but i just

wanna make my dreams come true ... u know when u lovesomeone and

you just cant spend your lifetime with him/her's sooooo sad u know T.T

and you will miss him/her soooo much when you both not together ..u

know it?? do you really know it?? can u feel what i always feel??

and he is the 1st boy that made me did something that i would never

do last time ... i did!! i still dunno why i did but i have learnt one

thing ... LOVE is blind .. those who say love is not blind they are liar ... it

makes everyone blind especially when u r really fall in love so deep with

someone :)

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