Thursday, 16 February 2012

Happy Valentines~

So… I have to tell something about something. We have known each others for almost one year.. I didnt know much about you.. and then when you started to talk to me i fell in love with you but i know its impossible,.. you have too many admirers i think it will be so stress to be your girlfriend…

But till now.. you just keep calling me… each call we talk up to 3 hours… im keeping the distance between us because i dont want to have a closer relationship. sometimes, being one of your best friends is so much better than being the special one in your life.

i feel like saying all these out.. but i will never let you know how i feel to you. yesterday was valentines day, i slept at 8am.. didnt sleep for the whole night even i just finished the 3 hours flight… i was spending my valentine with someone not you..

you were the first guy that called me in the middle of the night wish me happy valentines.. i told u im tidying my luggage and gonna sleep soon then u ended our call..

in the morning u saw me didnt online then u call me while i was still sleeping… we talked for awhile then u ended the call…

at the night of valentine.. u called me again… i forgot what we talked about but thanks anyway to accompany me to go through this day…

my friends all know about this. they ask, if a guy just calls you without any reasons at all you should know what he wants. im acting like i dont know cos i wish it was not real.. im just escaping from the truth..

so i guess my heart is given to the another guy… that guy is amazing.. he makes me smile and laugh so much and yet he is the one who can really make me cry so hard…im so in love with him but there is some reasons i cant have him now..

so i dont know what is going around here. im confused. i usually dont say what i feel but i will describe them in words. this blog is super convenient for me to do that.

there was something happened that i cant sleep if i cant find the way to solve this problem… its almost 3am here.. im going to end this post by telling you i love you. my prince.

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