Wednesday, 4 January 2012

BREAK!!!!! <3 <3

I am finally home! Oh wait, it’s been 2 months since I came home. I keep thinking to update my blog as long as I’m free. But then when I finished typing the whole post, was about to post it, and the UPDATE FAILED!!!!!  I was seriously like WTH happened on Blogger! That’s why I couldn't update my blog until yesterday… found this. Windows Live Writer is awesome <3

Well, what’s going in my life? I have seriously no idea at all. I am currently working. I finally decided not to take summer course due to many reasons…. I don’t know if I have made a good decision but I don’t want to take anymore.. I just following what my heart and mind tell me (:

So, I am pretty enjoying my working life. My office mates are funny. There is something happened between me and someone in the office I guess... #You know its you. Why don’t you just take a step to tell me how you feel? Because you know I am still waiting….#

So I guess if the person could take a step out of confidence to tell to someone how you really feel about that person, life would have been different compared to now. My life, is the best example yet.

I have promised myself not to let go of anything. I love you. I guess. Haha. Well, this post is kinda emo.. because I want to SLEEP NOWWW and yet havent got my dinner :/


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