Thursday, 26 May 2011



management 100

what do u want from me?


well, consulted mgt lecturer today

and feeling not right

the lecturer was like, " i can see that you dont have enough self confidence, its good that everytime u see me u smile but i know in the deep down ur heart you worry anxious... the final exams."

then i almost in tears lol

because he said what i felt oh my goodness

he just said we will pass we will pass. but i know only i will pass when i put so much effort on studying this subject and try my best

i really worry

i worry if i fail


sorry for my negative mind

im trying to be positive but the wholeday i seem no mood

and i been eating a lot to reduce my stress



today, i went to housing service


got a letter

a warning letter.. for not locking the main door all the time

and this will be recorded

AHHH zzz

but its still a day .....

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