Monday, 23 May 2011

everyday is an adventure

one word!


but life is really full of challenging

you know i scare cockroaches

very scare

but when i got back home this afternoon

i opened the bathroom door then one thing dropped into my shoulder

i was like "hmm whats that?"

then when i shake my clothes

ONE BIG COCKROACH dropped into the floor

and i was like WT* !!!!!!!


a very big

big till it couldnt move even faster

oh my goodness

i was hang there for 5 mins

i didnt know what to do and just.......

keep hang-ing = =

i sprayed some fragrance [does it help?]

then the cockroach came out then went to my roommate's desk there

till now

its 10pm

it hasnt come out


this is crazy

i am so scared of it

but still i need to learn not to be scared by a cockroach


so wish me good luck

when i see it again i wont so scared

time to drop to the world of management

= =

goodnight for the lucky ppl

goodluck for the me

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