Sunday, 15 May 2011

P_ _ _ _ _ _ _. Guess!

was doing my works till 2am and got up at 9.30am arghh

i just damn tired of it

my roomate told me that she got a email saying that we have exceed the amount of electricity and water maybe.

so when when we both woke up, my roomate wanted to switch off the aircon

its 9++am we switched off the aircon

i thought my roomate would on it again maybe on afternoon

cos its too hot

but then no

my parents bought me a fan she seemed like didnt want to turn it on

i was damn damn damn hot and

i was studying management

its just like oh my goodness


this is crazy

my roommate didnt feel hot i think?

she was so relax doing her works and i just arghhhhh

well, next sem i want to move to single room

im not a patient person

so i just keep keep keep enduring

its fine with me

train my patience

im just writing here for exploring my feeling

yea its still Sunday

i wont let it be wasted :)

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