Monday, 16 May 2011



im damn sleepy

tomorrows a public holiday i was planning to study at home but then someones birthday is on tml

and i was thinking that i didnt want to go out

but then this birthday boy has helped me a lot not only in study but also in life

like he helped me to kill the two cockroaches ewwww

and my account didnt have enough credit so he helped me to print out the study materials

theres lot of things that we have done

so i guess i need to go out to celebrate his bday

hopefully it will be a happy day

im hoping

i know tml i wont study

so im studying management now

i dont want to be repeaters of the 4 units im taking this semester

if i ever failed, i dont know i really dont know

next sem will be crazier

so bless me

im stressed out

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