Saturday, 14 May 2011


this post was supposed to be updated on yesterday but i was too tired and always one problem, line problem -.-

i got a presentation on thursday and mid semester exam on friday

i was just a bit nervous about the presentation. know why? i was more worried about the BIS exam.

well today im in a good mood maybe. yesterday was too tired

because of the BIS. i was studying till i got some dizzy head. and the next day

woke up very morning, only slept 6 hours then went to the exam.

my friends, most of them had thier exams in the morning like 8-10am

then me!!! 12.30pm ahhh

so when they came out, they told those who didnt take the exam its very hard

so i also got psycho by them

then i directly hopeless

cos i was already bit like hopeless

i hate studying this, u ever experienced before that u keep studying studying only the 1 sentence and keep repeating to read read read then finally u still cant fully understand?

this is BIS 100.

so then i arrived to the exam room. this exam was run by using the computers.

i thought my exam started at 12.30pm. but its already 12.30pm there are still ppl inside there having exam

then i kept waiting waiting till 1pm. the tutor called my name then i entered.

then i found a seat to take my exam

i only had 70 mins.

i needed to answer the 19 mutliple choices questions

9 short answers

1 essay.

my firends told me that they didnt have enough time to do so

i tempak my MCQ

i luan luan answer my short answer questions

and i left 30 mins to answer the case study

i was so smart that i used 30 mins to write an essay.

my fingers just kept typing typing and mind kept thinking thinking

i think thats why i got so dizzy after the exam

i felt like vomit lol

thanks God again the case study was not so hard. i stil could understand but i can ensure if i had more time i would have been done much better than this one.

my worst part was the short answer questions. oh my goodness.

i had no time to think about.

they really expect you when u see the questions u directly know whats the answer for this questions. they dont even give u time to think more.

so happy all these are over. now is my time to study accounting.

so i have learnt that, i cant just keep memorising i need to understand but then such BIS i cant really understand. so wish me luck.

hope u all have a great great day!!

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