Monday, 24 January 2011




im so happy that tomorrow i dont have to work. i have got approval for my absence then need to settle those fan things down

and i feel a bit streesed o HOW ler? actually things werent like that.

i was helping miss connie to check those files de. then ah wong gor gor suddenly asked me: sofia! you very free kan? i said: har?! so i had no choice.

he asked me to check 3 files of those payment vouchers. then check the cheque no. then must sort the no accordingly la then check the company name. then check the date.. this and that that and this

just check check check. my whole afternoon gone.

BUT! what i didnt really enjoy was....

he asked me to check the bank statements if the chq no was too big different. i saw one was 258501. then the second one direct was 258525. then where the 258502-258524 gone???? so, i need to check those no on bank statements.

this wasnt a big pro. when i checked. some no. got inside the bank statements some didnt have. good lo.

if i were the one who needed to prepare the companys accounts i would crazy

one company got 3 banks. i just dunno when i can finish checking.


sorry ah just posting this writing this for some purpose as i need some spaces to realease my feeling. hehehe

and.. i will resign on 14th feb. haha. dont u think its a good day? lol
actually i was planning on 15th feb. but its a holiday sooo....


tml will be a good day

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