Monday, 31 January 2011

??? love

its been years i have not played my piano

ah what a tired day...

hmm.. chinese new year is around the corner but why cant i feel the season is coming? lol

i dont except much from this coming chinese new year


all I want is HOLIDAYS!!!

just now i got back home and on facebook, one of my friends updated his status 'why soooo sienz?' i was like grrrrrrrr


im going to resign on 14th feb

hahaha good timing?

currently im working as a secretary.. can say like that

secretary of 2 accountants. one boy one girl.

i just want to ask... when man explain something to me and i cant really understand?

thats how i feel everytime when im asked to help him do things ==

i think when men say things.. you just need to guess. guess what he is trying to tell you ==

ok fine.

but i really thank you to him for teaching me really so many things that i didnt understand and blur blur in the past. now i excatly cleared

thanks to my si fu. haha

tomorrow. I HAVE WORKS!!!!!!!

again! DRESSED up like a office girl and sit there from morning till evening then back home then do this do that and have my very late dinner

goodnight. i love you all for spending your time reading this :)

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